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 Combining my love for photography, nature, and creativity I started CloseUp Images.

Capturing the world through a close-up lens changes your perspective.  How often have you walked through the woods or a meadow and noticed all the living things around you?  Take a closer look and you will noticed the visual beauty of a dragonfly, the precision with which a bee pollenates flowers or the combination of colors in a garden. In my home studio I utilize special inks, heat and pressure to infuse my images onto a wide variety of items including glass, slate, ceramic, hardboard, and more. Turning my close-up photos into unique and beautiful CloseUp Images gifts. On this site you will find a wide variety of custom photo gifts that can be created using our images our yours. Gift ideas, Photo Gallery, Calendar of Events, Information on The Printing Process, and How to Place an Order. My passion is sharing the wonders of this beautiful planet with others and to create images that bring a smile to your face and peace in your heart. Thank you for visiting my site.
Sue Fries
CloseUp Images