About CloseUp Images 

Combining my love for nature, photography, and creativity I started CloseUp Images as a way to share these passions with others.

Looking at the world through a closeup lens changes your perspective. From the patterns of a dragonfly's wings to the uniqueness of each and every snowflake I never fail to be amazed by the loveliness and diversity of plant earth. After each photo shoot I return home with 100's of photo images and in awe of nature's beauty.  You will find some some of my favorite images in the Gallery.

I didn't want these beautiful images to end up in a photo album that no one ever sees or a flash drive I could never find. I wanted to print and display these images in a way that is as unique as the images themselves. After exploring a wide variety of printing options I choose Dye Sublimation Printing. This process allows me to create a wide variety of custom photo gifts including Wavy Photo Murals, Tempered Glass Cutting Boards. and photos printed directly to Glass, Slate, or Aluminum.

The Online Shop features a wide variety of unique custom photo gifts for all occasions. All the items have been created by me in my studio using my images. These items are also available using your photos.

I love being able to share the wonders of this beautiful planet with others.  I hope these images will bring a smile to your face, and peace to your heart.