Bottle Opener




You have been working in the fish room on a hot summer day. You open the refrigerator door to find a cold one between the blackworms and the brine shrimp eggs. There is nothing better than a cold beverage…and then the unimaginable happens. I need a *!@& bottle opener.  Where the #@^% did put that bottle opener?  It is the most important tool in my fish room and I can’t find it. Oh wait. There it is.  Hanging on the nail next to my fish nets.  Thank goodness I found it.  The MAS Logo Bottle Opener.

Why not buy more than one? The are magnetic. So you can have hanging on the refrigerator door. Because, if you are like me, I can never find the one hanging next to the fish nets. Maybe 8 fish nets is to many.

There is a good chance that by now you are sick and tired of  reading boring product descriptions. I wrote this story to give you a break  while you fill your cart with  MSA Logo items.  The names in this story have been changed to protect the fish keeper.

Want to keep you beverage cold. Add a Can Koozie