Tropical Fish Coasters


Need a unique way to display images of your favorite fish? Send us a photo of your favorite fish(s) and we can create a custom photo coaster using that image. Or choose from the large number of images in our photo gallery.

Use the same photo or send a different photo for each coaster. We can also add text at no additional charge.

No minimum order. Order 1 or 500

The photo coaster is 4″ square with rounded corners and .25″ thick. The image is printed on a non slip,  absorbent,  neoprene-like fabric with a black backing.

Contact us for additional discounts on large orders.

  • What image do you want to be printed on your coaster?

    If you would like to use your photo(s) follow these steps

    1. Upload your image by clicking on the Choose File button.
    2. Enter the number of prints you would like with this image.
    3. Click on the Add to Cart Button.
    4. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 for each additional image.
    1. Visit our photo gallery to chose an image.
    2. Hover over image to identify the image name.
    3. Enter the name of the image in the box below.
    4. Enter the number of prints you would like with this image.
    5. Click on Add to Cart button.
    6. Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for each additional image.

Additional information

Weight .0720 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .25 in